When was the last time your bank offered you an interest-free credit line?

Of course, you are well aware of the impact a positive or negative cash flow can make on your operations, your bottom line, and your growth. We all know that a positive cash flow is the most important concern for any business. Yet, having sufficient working capital at all times while keeping your debt/equity ratio under control and producing impressive results has become quite a tough task for many business executives these days.

We have developed and implemented individually suitable solutions that have helped businesses double and even triple their sales within a year while adding significantly to their bottom line. We have achieved this by making creative financing programs available to those businesses, which in the past had only been available to multi-million dollar corporations.

To qualify for these programs, your company will not be required to show a stellar credit record, have a high available revolving credit, or the typical 2-year business history. In fact, many of the companies we have helped achieve double and triple digit growth of sales and profits within one to three years have even been start-up companies!

At the Jacobs Group, we have made it our single goal to help new and established companies like yours succeed and grow by providing access to creative financing programs that historically were only available to the “Big Guys”.

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